At HUSS, developing cutting edge solutions is a tradition. Since the first DPF with electrical regeneration, increasingly more regeneration methods have been invented and applied for retrofit needs. Today, in the US, the customer has a choice between three different strategies: The diesel burner technology (CARB 3+) was born to fulfill the specific needs of off-road applications. Completely independent from the exhaust gas temperature, this is the optimal system for low exhaust gas temperatures and unstable duty cycles.

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Sometimes the exhaust temperatures are high enough to use a passive system. In these cases, the MC-System has a catalytic coating on the filter surface in order to burn off the soot particles. 

The latest innovation is the MD-System for retrofit and firstfit applications. An external diesel injection regenerates the filter at fairly low temperatures and is suitable for either retrofit or firstfit purposes. That is why our customers can always count on the perfect solution for  their emissions reduction needs.

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